Donations 2011/2012

• Annual Donation (mid Sept to mid May)


As a registered UK Charity SYG is able to claim gift aid tax relief on payments made to the group as long as they are made under a gift aid arrangement and you are a UK tax payer. Most parents have signed gift aid forms for us but if you have not please do ask us for one.

There are three different donations which SYG require:

  1. Uniform Donation (new members only)

This is a one-off donation for any new members to SYG to help cover the cost of providing the SYG uniform of 25.  This donation is only required when you first join, and is due by 26th September 2011.

  1. Annual Donation (mid Sept to mid May)

The annual donation covers the costs involved in running SYG on Monday evenings, e.g. insurance, hire of facilities, etc. This donation covers the cost of ALL Monday evenings at SYG from mid Sept through to the start of the Summer Programme in May.

The donations for this year (2011/12) are due by 26th September 2011.
Please note subscriptions have remained the same for the second year running.

The Juniors donation for 2011 / 2012 is 60
The Seniors / Amicus donation for 2011 / 2012 is 75

In order to assist families with more than one child in SYG, we have a “sliding scale” for donations as shown in the matrix below, e.g. if you have 1 Junior and 1 Senior/Amicus in SYG, then the total donation will be 122.  Please contact us if you would like to spread the payments over 2 instalments, one due this term, and the final one next term.



No Juniors

1 Junior

2 Juniors

3 Juniors

No Seniors/Amicus





1 Senior/Amicus





2 Seniors/Amicus





3 Seniors/Amicus





Please Note: The donations only just cover the costs of running the group. The SYG leaders undertake a significant amount of fundraising in order to provide the full range of opportunities available at SYG.

  1. Summer Programme Donation (mid May to mid July)

The summer term is when we change gear completely and undertake a number of different “fun” activities, e.g. bowling, wide games, punting, etc, which we need to charge for separately, the cost being determined by the activities we undertake (usually around 25 for the whole summer term).  You will be advised of this donation nearer that time.

John Huntingdons' Charity
If you require financial assistance in order for your child to attend SYG and you live in Sawston, please contact Huntingdon’s Charity who you may be able to offer you assistance. Please don’t let money be a barrier. If you need help meeting any of our fees please speak to any SYG leader. 

Spend And Raise - Sawston Youth Group

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